Lost Missing and Forgotten (2012)

Korea-Finland connection site-specific performance. 

Lost, missing and forgotten is a trip to the past, present and future. It leads audience to different spaces of Daerim building through movement, music and lightning. 

Photo: Hyun Jun 현준

Photo: Hyun Jun 현준

Working group choose the Daerim building as the stage, because of its interesting history - not only to give the space but also to be one of the performers. What does the forgotten history of performer and Daerium Building carry inside? This project has been supported through the Korea-Finland Connection, a partnership between Dance Info Finland and the Korea Arts Management Service.


Working group

Choreographers / Dancers: Sari Palmgren (FIN) and Park Na Hoon (KOR)

Sound design: Kim Tae Hoon (KOR)

Light design: Anna Rouhu (FIN)

Producers: Grace Won (KOR) ja Riitta Aittokallio (FIN)

Stage director: Hak Su Kim (KOR)

Technical director: Ki Nam Park (KOR)

Supported by: Korea Arts Management Service, Dance info Finland, Art Council of Finland


Short version of the performance