The Earth Song is a performance about crossing paths of consumer society, human behavior and climate change. horeographer Sari Palmgren's interdisciplinary and multitalented team has explored human relationship to the environment, and to the circulation and use of energy. How are our daily choices made? How can we change them?

Photo: Johanna Tirronen

Photo: Johanna Tirronen

Performance has documentary starting points. During the rehearsal process, the team has consulted environmental researchers and experts of sustainable development. From these consultations, the team has created songs and forms guided by contemporary movement thinking and improvisation. Performance is requiem concert: for our consumer habits and self-centered thinking. 

Sari Palmgren has created sustainable guidelines for making this performance. She was member of the Kedja Think Tank sustainability group 2012-2015. She has hold workshops and discussions in Finland and abroad about the subject. In the rehearsal period the team hold different workshops for the citizens of Helsinki, and there was 400 15-70 years old people visiting the rehearsals before premiere. In the performance you can hear these peoples thoughts and voices about climate change issues.

The Earth song has toured internationally and in Finland from 2013. In Finland there was big tour 2016 with 11 performances and 50 workshops for different schools in six different cities. Performance has chosen to be in one of the performances in Nordic and Baltic tour 2017-2018 through NB dance loop network. 

The Earth song is available for touring 2018-2019. It is possible to hold workshops for different age groups, share The Earth song coloring book and have audience talks. Performance is performed to children, youth and adult audiences and has been well received in different age groups. 

Total length of the performance: 60min. Performance has been translated into English. 


Press quotes

The performers are rockstars, people after a nuclear war, symphonic preachers, medieval chant singers. They are also humane humans in Helsinki Ruoholahti in the Spring 2013. Just over on hour long performance is filled with message. -Sara Nyberg/, 23.5.2013


The performance deals with its subjects: peoples relation to the environment, the daily choices we make and the climate change, without denouncing it. The performance retain its sympathetic touch and attracts the spectator with the changing rhythms in the music and dance. It varies from cordially quiet scenes to defiant punk-style moments. The mixing of contemporary and musical style maneuvering is intriguing to watch. -Liisa Kontunen/, 21.5.2013


The multitalented dancers Maria Saivosalmi, Lotta Suomi, Jukka Tarvainen and Palmgren herself as well as the actor Jukka Peltola sing, dance and play accompanied by the sampling by Tuomas Norvio. From absurd humour the performance moves on to limpid moments or stops to look into the future with a question. -Hannele Jyrkkä/Helsingin Sanomat, 23.5.2013



Choreography: Sari Palmgren

Performers: Maria Saivosalmi, Lotta Suomi, Sari Palmgren, Jukka Peltola, Jukka Tarvainen ja Tuomas Norvio

Sound design/composition: Tuomas Norvio

Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen

Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila

Photos: Uupi Tirronen

Trailers: Timo Wright and Sari Palmgren

Production: Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Sari Palmgren

Residency: Silke Z / resistdance/studiotrade network /Studio 11 (Cologne) Koneen Säätiö

Supported by: Arts Council of Uusimaa, Kone foundation, Samuel Huber foundation, TAH-Foundation, The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres)  


Premiere: 16.5.2013 Zodiak-center for New dance, performances 19.5-29.5.2013

Other performances: Germany, Cologne 14.-15.12. 2013

Åland, Marienhamn 9.8.2014

Finland tour 2016: Kajaani, Kouvola, Kuopio, Helsinki, Vantaa and Oulu: 11 performances, 50 workshops and working/coloring book for teachers and students.  

Germany, Leipzig/LOFFT 17.8.2016,

Denmark, Copenhagen Baltoppen LIVE! 9.-10.11.2017 and 12 workshops

Coming: NLB loop Tour 2017-2018: Norway & Lithuania. 


Full performance video and rider by request: sari.palmgren(at)