Connective patterns (2015)

Dance documentary film about connective patterns

Photo: Päivi Kettunen & Sari Palmgren

Photo: Päivi Kettunen & Sari Palmgren

Connective patterns shows a day in the lives of seven Asian and European dancer- choreographers. Shot on location in Greece, Finland, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Estonia, it sets individual choices against a wider perspective of the society at large – looking at the similarities and differences between people from different cultures. Through individuals the film opens everyday choices and our societys need for speed, efficiency and tendencies for continuous growth. 

Choreographer-dancer Sari Palmgren met all the dancers performing in the film 2005 in Tokyo Pointe-to point workshop. She got curious about the dancers cultures and their backgrounds. These dancers home countries are mostly known in Finland only through tourism, so this film shows different way of looking at every day life in these cultures, and its richness. Documentary shows seven choreographer/dancers in their home countries and their everyday patterns. Different choreographer/dancers represent different ways to live and work as dance artists in the world today. 

Film is growth story for dancer-choreographer Sari Palmgren, who finds out through the traveling and meetings different ways of living, and changes her habits in her own country: ”You can give all the people their full rights to be who they are with their own different rhytms, and this creates diversity and wholeness.”

This film is second part of the Connective Patterns project, first part was solo (2007) where parts of the film/shot material was part of the stage work. 

Total length of the film: 32min. Film is in English. 



Dancers in video: Noriko Kato (Japan), Kae Ishimoto (Japan), Sirithorn Srichalakom (Thailand), Maria Donna Grey Miranda(Philippines), Külli Roosna (Estonia), Joanna Toumpakari (Greece) and Sari Palmgren (Finland).

Directing, editing & script: Sari Palmgren

Choreography: Sari Palmgren with dancers 

Cinematographer: Päivi Kettunen

Sound design: Tuomas Norvio

Color correction: Petri Falkenberg / Grade one

Production: Sari Palmgren

Supported by Finnish cultural foundation, Alfred Kordelin foundation, AVEK, Art council Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation, Kone Foundation, Uusimaa regional arts council, City of Vantaa, City of Helsinki.

Premiere: 21.3.2015 Loikka Dance film festival/ Finland 


Other screenings: 

USA, Oklahoma Dance festival 2016

Ireland, Light moves festival of screen dance 2016

Bangladesh, Dhaka International film festival 2016

Hongkong, Hongkong Art house film festival 2017

Female filmmakers film festival 2017

Athens video dance project january 2018

Utah Dance film festival february 2018 (Award winner)

40 NORTH Dance Film Festival 2018

Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival 2018

In Shadow, Lisbon Screendance festival 2018

Full film by request: sari.palmgren(at)