Photo: Päivi Raivio

Photo: Päivi Raivio

Utopian empathy is a site-specific series of performances about individual future dreams and hopes and their relationship to broader utopias. What are the roles of hope and empathy in understanding  a utopian entity?
Utopian empathy consists of small performances. One performance is performed to one spectator at a time. Each section begins and ends with seeing and meeting: one spectator and one performer look at each other while sitting in chairs near each other. After this connection is established, the performative part starts, its content born of utopia, empathy, and a local theme. Other spectators can move in the space freely.
The background: The team created together The Earth Song (Zodiak – Center for new dance 2013), and from that arose and was born a wide range of connections, networks, ideas of a common future and how our choices affect our lives and the future. Utopia series of performances starts where The Earth Song ended.

Utopian empathy projects website: www.utopiautopia.net


Choreography: Sari Palmgren and team
Performers: Tuovi Rantanen, Lotta Suomi, Sari Palmgren, Jukka Peltola, Jukka Tarvainen Janne Masalin and Tuomas Norvio
Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Sound design/composition: Janne Masalin and Tuomas Norvio
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen & Jukka Huitila/Kajaani
Production: Sari Palmgren

Residencies: Kone foundation Saari residence 2015 & Routa- Company Kajaani 2016

Supported by: Grey Cube Festival (Maaseudun sivistysliitto), Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Saari residence / Kone Foundation

Premiere 4.9.2015 Grey Cube Festival / Helsinki Zoo
Other performance: Kajaani Art museum 9.3.2016, Generaattori/ Kajaani 12.3.2016, The 1st triennial of the community art, Pori Art Museum 21.4.2016, Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi 24.7. 2017, DEC/ Dance, Jyväskylä 5.12.2018.

Duration 1 hour -> one day. Length is modifiable

Full performance video and rider by request: sari.palmgren(at)gmail.com