Tourist (2015)

Tourist is one-minute dance film. It is story about the man who is confronting new culture. When the differences between own culture and new culture comes apparent it causes anxiety in this lonely traveller. The video travels through man’s cultural anxiety. New culture experience attacks all your senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. All these attacks causes physical reactions. In the end of the video negative reactions and responses to the new culture are reduced and the tourist blends into the new situation.




Script, Cinematographer, editing: Sari Palmgren  

Performer: Jukka Peltola

Music: Noel Saizonou

Supported by: Villa Karo- residence Benin / Africa

Big thanks to Totte Rautiainen

Premiere: -60secondsdance Top 40 goes Kapakka 22.08.2016 18:00, KUJA BAR AND BISTR, Hakaniemenkatu 7, Helsinki, FINLAND 

Duration: 1 minute



- Semi-finalists 2016 at Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival 16.03.2016 19:00, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

- Top 40 2016 at Tanzplattform Bern! 28.05.2016 18:00, Konzert Theater Bern, Kubus Foyer, Waisenhausplatz, Bern, SWITZERLAND

- Düsseldorf internationale tanzmesse NRW 31.8-3.9.2016 Dance info Finland

- Loikka / Art Goes Kapakka 2016