Connective Patterns

Connective Patterns dance document film premiere 21.3.2015 20.00pm

Documentary Connective Patterns shows a day in the lives of seven Asian and European dancer-choreographers. Shot on location in Greece, Finland, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Estonia, it sets individual choices against a wider perspective of the society at large – looking at the similarities and differences between people from different cultures.

Photo: Päivi Kettunen/Sari Palmgren

Photo: Päivi Kettunen/Sari Palmgren

Connective Patterns: Loikka dance film festival, Andorra 21.3.2015 20.00pm

Ohjaus, Editointi / Direction, Editing:  Sari Palmgren
Koreografia & esiintyjät / Choreography & performers: Noriko Kato, Kae Ihhimoto, Sirithorn Srichalakom, Maria Donna Grey Miranda, Kylli Roosna, Joanna Toumpakari and Sari Palmgren

Äänisuunnittelija-Säveltäjä / Sounddesign / Composer: Tuomas Norvio
Kuvaus / Cinematography: Päivi Kettunen 
Tuottaja / Producer: Sari Palmgren
Valokuva / Photo: Sari Palmgren

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