The Earth Song

The Earth Song-Kedja Marienhamn

The Earth Song performance 9.8.2014 & Sari Palmgren's sustainable strategies for dance field-workshop at Marienhamn Kedja Encounter. Welcome!

Photographer: Uupi Tirronen, Performers: Maria Saivosalmi, Tuomas Norvio, Sari Palmgren, Jukka Tarvainen, Jukka Peltola ja Lotta Suomi

The theme of the Encounter is ”Building New Bridges and Sustaining the Community”. On one hand we will look at the future of the keðja network and envision new and inspiring ways of dealing with the challenges and changes in the Nordic-Baltic dance field. On the other hand we want to cherish the sense of community that keðja has achieved during the past years and think about how the fruitful collaboration can be sustained in the future.